Setup Welcomer

/ticket setup or %wticketsetup will give you a overview of the command

Enable/Disable Ticket:

  • This enables/disabes the Ticket System, so you can use it.

/ticket setup enable/disable

Add a Ticket Log, where Ticket Events will be sent:

  • When Tickets are Closed, Transcripted, Archived and Created a Message will be sent in the Log Channel

/ticket setup log [channel]

Add a Archive Category, where archived tickets will be shifted:

  • Tickets, which are archived with the Archive Button will be moved in this Category

/ticket setup archivecategory [category]

Set the maximal amount of tickets per user:

  • This limits the creation of Tickets per User per Ticket Panel
  • When you set the maximal amount to 2, than the Users can create maximal 3 Tickets.

/ticket setup maxtickets [number]

Last Updated: 9/15/2021, 1:06:08 PM